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How Todd Speciale
Built His Sales Empire

Maybe its from rising from nothing, or the motivation to make his father proud, but Todd Speciale walks a little more sure and presents a little stronger than most.

He’s not only recognized as a record breaking sales guru, Top Fortune 500 Expert Sales Trainer, but he’s also listed as one of THE preeminent new speakers in the world today, along with being a raw uncut mentor/life coach promoting real change. Speciale decided to create a business that took his love for mentor-ship and success to a more service-based, entrepreneurial space. He envisioned, programs to give direction, accountability, and moreover, a chance to achieve when so few real chances and mentor-ship programs exist.

Todd is a best-selling author of two books called “The Things I Do Know” and “A bathroom guide for closers” with his third book soon to be released! He has spoken on stages with names like, Ashton Kutcher, Jack Canfield, Danelle Delgado, Tai Lopez, Tom Bilyeu, Les Brown, Hank Steinbrenner and many more.   He is one of the world’s most sought after new speakers who speaks truth into the hearts and souls of those who might question their worth.  He elevates the spirits through raw honesty and pure intention to develop the minds of those willing to grow.

A Bathroom Guide
for Closers

How to be #1
before you finish #2

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Danelle Delgado

One remarkable human indeed. The hardest worker, biggest heart, and brilliant brain. When it comes to sales, training or growth, Todd is the choice. His skills transform teams, change lives and accelerate results. Grateful to run with you legend!

Les Brown

Todd Speciale is the REAL DEAL! We are going to see his greatness in the world, so get a front row seat!

Omar Periu

I felt the energy the minute Todd spoke on stage. I predict extraordinary things in his future, combining unmatched sales excellence with the ability to motivate. His demand for accomplishing great things and more importantly, truly impacting lives through his raw authenticity is exactly what we need in today’s world.

Ben Gay III

Todd Speciale is the REAL DEAL! We are going to see his greatness in the world, so get a front row seat!